Trending On Cops that Care, Penning Poetry and More

On Cops that Care, Penning Poetry and More

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Senior IPS officer Quaiser Khalid finds the perfect balance in police duty and penning verse

The police are here to serve the people. The police are here to minimize people’s grievances, their problems, their unhappiness. That is exactly what the police should be doing. Interacting with people with courtesy, compassion and empathy is a must for police personnel. Quaiser Khalid, a senior IPS officer from Maharashtra, swears by these aspects that all cops need to hold aloft. 

Speaking with Reba Ayaz of Digpu News for a new episode of chat show Sugar-Milk-Salt, Quaiser Khalid reiterates that the police should ensure that the public have immense faith in the force. A police officer should be a friend of the public, and shouldn’t impose moral boundaries on them when they seek help in matters that affect them. 

As a top Mumbai cop, this senior IPS officer has been witness to the hardships, the efforts people undertake to make both ends meet, and more. And he has made his interventions with utmost empathy. Humanism is an essential trait we need to practice, he adds. His manner of treating people as friends has made him friends with the general public. 

Currently the Railways Commissioner in Mumbai, he has been at the forefront of many public-related needs that have come up for redressal. He has in fact changed the way of functioning of the Railway Police in Mumbai, and his work has been remarkable when it comes to devising measures to avoid train accidents, suicides, thefts in trains and the like. 

Quaiser Khalid: Poet in Uniform 

When he is not in his uniform, he dons the garb of a poet. Ask him about his relationship with words, and he says: “Any form of literature has its base on human relationships, and writer tend to explore these relationships in the words they create”. When Quaiser Khalid states thus, he paints a picture of a literary figure who dabbles in the world of words. He indeed is a man of words, a poet to be precise, and also an IPS officer who has dedicated himself to the welfare of the common man. 

Being an IPS officer and at the same time a lover of poetry is a wonderful combination. According to Khalid, every event or individual brings forth a story of some kind of relationship.  Dig deeper and you find a web of relationships, a lot of things that actually happen between humans. And looking at it from the point of view of literature, what we get to see is a story of human relations, he adds. 

In Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Footsteps

IPS Quaiser Khalid In Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Footsteps

An ardent fan of former Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri, Quaiser Khalid believes he was a great person whose life was all about hard work. He never lost faith in himself, always did his best. Quaiser Khalid also following the path opened by his idol, by doing whatever he does with conviction. 

The exemplary work that he spearheads at the Railways department in Mumbai and the efforts he had initiated during the hard times of the pandemic are testimony to the conviction he exhibits. And, when he is penning verse, the conviction and faith in human relationships is visible too.

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